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Last call for free books, first call for prayer

First, I wanted to thank the dozens of you who contacted me via blog comments, website, or Facebook to offer to review Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity. If you want to review the book, the deadline for requests is 5 p.m. Central time today. That’s in less than 2 hours.

Second, I wanted to update you on Lawrice. He’s doing well, but he’s feeling a little uncertain. His classes are going well, but just being at school is feeling a bit overwhelming to him. He needs prayer. Pray that God would make it clear that he is where he’s supposed to be. Pray that God would help him find a church. (I’m encouraging him to visit Erwin McManus’ church, Mosaic, which is very close to the school). Pray that he would sense God’s presence and calling, that he would be encouraged.

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  1. I’d like to review Rest – the topic certainly strikes a chord with me and I’d like the challenge.

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