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Making Room for God in Your Hectic Life

So our loyal reader Tim listened in to Diane Markins’ radio show yesterday, and correctly discerned that we were talking  about my book Making Room for God in Your Hectic Life. So he wins a copy, whoo-hoo!

We’ll be giving away more books soon, so please visit often or subscribe.





  1. Any chance you can autograph it too? That would be awesome!


    P.S. I would blurt out “I’ve never one anything ever!” but actually I have. Doesn’t make this any less wonderful though. Thanks Keri.

  2. Kerri…always good to hear about a winner! Yet all who know Jesus Christ are WINNERS! What do you think? Julie

  3. HI Kerri,
    I bought about 15 of these books from Word to use as a staff lunch time hand out kind of bookclub. I am the Pastoral Vare Coordinator at an aged care facility run by a Christian charity. I wanted to get more but Word told me it is out of print. Do you have spare copies? I loved it and we wanted to start it all over again and have more copies for more participants. Problem is, I am in Australia.
    I think you’ve republished it as ‘Breathe’ but I was hoping for a less expensive option we could give to each participant…

    • Lois,
      I do have it republished as Breathe, you can get it inexpensively as an ebook. I do have copies available here but the shipping costs to Australia are pretty high. The ebook version is only $4.99 US Does that help? if not let me know!

    • Also, if you’ll have me come and speak to your staff I’ll bring copies with me! I spoke recently at a care facility and would love to give the same talk for your staff!

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