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Finding God in the Story of Your Life

Where do you feel God’s presence?

When do you feel closest to God? When you are studying? Worshipping? Praying with a group of like-minded friends?

Gary Thomas’ classic book, Spiritual Pathways, talks about how most of us tend to prefer certain ways of connecting with God. Some prefer an intellectual pathway, others a more contemplative one.


winter-wonderI am one who walks on the “nature” pathway. I see God’s handiwork and my heart swells with worship. One of the blessings of living where I do is that we get dramatic change with the seasons. While Chicago is not known for it’s natual beauty, we nature types can find the beauty in anything.

Take a look at these photos, which I snapped in my yard this morning. As I drove around this morning, I just loved seeing each branch carefully painted with white frosting. I worship God for his creativity, and for thinking up the amazing idea of beauty–even in the midst of winter!backyard-branches


  1. What beautiful pics, and honestly, I think Chicago is a very beautiful place, especially the trees. I grew up in Southern Illinois, and I miss the trees there. (Don’t miss the cold weather, just the trees.) 😉

    Great to find your blog!

  2. LauraLee, Welcome to Deep Breathing for the Soul. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I enjoyed Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas immensely. Sacred Pathways looks like another excellent book. I think I’m one who experiences God’s presence most through either contemplation or nature. But I hate to tell you, I would not be snapping pictures of winter in Chicago like you were! I think I spent too many winters in Chicago out in the weather!

  4. by March, I’m sick of the snow. but right now, I enjoy it. I don’ t mind cold, and I think the winter landscape is beautiful.
    I grew up skiing and horseback riding, (in the chicago area) and we would ride outdoors in the snow quite a bit–it’s actually a lot of fun!

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