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Free book Friday

From my latest project, Deeply Loved:

“Jesus didn’t just come to save humankind; he came because he wanted to have a relationship with you.
But the very good, amazing news is that God deeply desires to connect with you, to be a constant comforting presence in your life. You simply have to train yourself to be aware of his presence. That is what you are invited to do over the next forty days as you read this book.
What does God say when he looks at you? Can you replace any negative thoughts with the truth? God loves you and delights in you. You are his beloved child, wholly and deeply loved.
It’s quite likely that you will forget about Jesus when your day gets busy. If so, give yourself copious amounts of grace.”

Want to read the rest? If you’re willing to be a wildly enthusiastic promoter of this book, I want to give you a review copy. If you know how to write a killer amazon review, or you have a blog where you’ll post a kind review, leave a comment. The first three to do so get their names inscribed in the book of life, um, no, actually, my influencer list. The Influencer List, as publishers call it, is a list of folks an author hopes will use their influence, large or small, to tell people about their book. Spell-check flags “influencer” since it’s not a real word outside of the publishing world. But it’s key for authors who are trying to get their book noticed in a noisy world where thousands of titles are published every year.


So, if you think you’ve got the chops to be an influencer, leave a comment, because I want to give you a free book. (again, this if for the first three commenters, so be bold!) Oh, and I promise to link to your review all over the place: Twitter, Facebook and here at my blog. Thanks!


  1. I can do that! I did a positive review for your first Deep Breathing book and expect I would do the same for this. I’ve also reviewed for Susy Flory and am currently providing chapter-by-chapter comments on her latest work.

  2. Hi Keri,

    you are such a blessed person to have those opportunities you give out to overflow. You have been an influence to me too, since the first book i bought from you, “The Garden of the Soul” i am deeply moved by your life. and to be an agent of change we are called to be influencers and that can only happen if our life is fully dependent on God and having to walk intimately with Jesus.

    I believed we are all called to be a leader in this generation for Jesus, but to be able to lead, we are first to be a follower. and its a matter of who are you following.. i say, follow Jesus because the ultimate goal of our life is to be like-Christ.

    God bless you Keri for being an agent of change and an influencer too!



  3. I do so enjoy your writing. You make me think and draw me closer to God. I would be honored to write a review and a post on my blog about your new book. Of course if you can get my name in that book of life that would be a bonus too. Thanks for the opportuntiy.

  4. Friends, your kind comments made my day! You all three will be put on the list! Look for an email from me with details. And yeah, can’t work out the book of life list for you–but that’s open to anyone who accepts Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness and life. I’m glad to give you more details on that if you need them! 🙂
    Thanks again for the kind comments and look for that email!


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