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I joined Facebook!

In an attempt to keep up with technology and communicating with younger friends and readers, I joined Facebook this week.

I was at a meeting with the good folks at Zondervan Publishing this week (they’re publishing my next two books–WHOO HOO!) and mentioned that I had set up a Facebook account but really could not figure out what it would be good for other than a place to visit when I felt like procrastinating.

The marketing staff was all pumped and offered me all kinds of ideas, which I am slowly incorporating. but if you are on Facebook, please stop by my page and put in a friend request. (let me know you’re a blog reader!)

My 14-year-old doesn’t yet have an account but I told her she can only have one if I can be one of her “friends”–and therefore be able to view her page. Several of my other mom friends have done this. I’m a big believer in helping our kids navigate the culture, rather than trying to keep them completely sheltered.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this!



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  1. I have a facebook, so does my daughter, except she is still more into her myspace page (I am a “friend” of her’s there too). I agree with you in helping our kids navigate the culture. I text my daughter, son and their friends. I don’t have much on my facebook page, but I have been able to connect with a former youth pastor, an exchange teacher who stayed with my brother and sister-in-law, and starting to connect more with high school friends that have spread out across the country. Have a great day

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