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It is time to redecorate. To revise, edit, streamline. We’re planning some changes–nothing major, don’t worry–here on my website.
One question to help me as I renovate: when you think of this blog, do you think of it as “Keri’s blog” or do you refer to it’s more formal name, “Deep Breathing for the Soul blog”? Just curious.
Also, do you subscribe, or just occasionally visit?
Any suggestions on things you wish we had on this site?
Thanks, friends. You’ll be seeing some renovations soon.


  1. Keri’s Place, hands down.

    And yes I subscribe, but I usually get impatient and come over to see if you have something new even if I didn’t get an email yet for it.

    What would I like to see? For articles, more of the same because you’re doing great. For layout, you got me because I am the last person to ask about designy things.

    Looking forward to seeing how things end up looking.


    • thanks, Tim. appreciate the feedback.
      I’m looking at some cool templates and excited about the redesign.

  2. Keri’s blog. I subscribe, and new posts pop up on my igoogle home page. (I’m not sure what I’ll do next year when igoogle goes away…) that I to say, I usually read posts in my reader and don’t go to the blog itself unless I’m leaving a comment.

    • Thanks, Claire. you can also subscribe via email. Although, I realize–if you subscribe to a bunch of blogs it clogs up your inbox.
      appreciate the feedback from all of you. Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate that as well.

  3. Interesting questions:

    I think of it as your blog, but the name “deep breathing for the soul” is important to me too, fence sitting I know!

    I subscribe via reader and like claire just visit when I comment, which admittedly is becoming more common 🙂

    I come for the content really, so layout is not that important to me, except where it affects readability I guess.

    Hmm a lot of hedging my bets there – sorry Keri

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